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Baked Chicken Drumstick - INASAL STYLE!

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Chicken Inasal is one of the most popular dish in the Philippines like pork bbq where you can find it in most street foods. The word "INASAL" is simply means  grilled in charcoal an Ilonggo dialect which originated in Bacolod City. 

This filipino dish is very popular where a lot of restaurants specialize only on inasal and pair it with unlimited rice! This simple combination captures the heart of the people and who doesn't want unlimited rice right? :) The difference between chicken inasal and the typical bbq is the marinade, which give the unique flavor to it. The blend of coconut vinegar, soy sauce, calamansi/lemon juice, and spices plus annatto oil mixture for basting. The taste is exceptional! I can't blame myself for splurging on unlimited rice while eating chicken inasal. :D 

Here in US it's hard to find a good chicken inasal in a filipino restaurant. The flavor is ok but the taste is not exactly the same the way I had it back home in Phil. My craving on inasal is what push me to make this recipe. Unfortunately i don't have a grill so my method is oven bake chicken and used the unique marinade to make it INASAL STYLE! I thought it was a success and I am able to replicate the flavor despite not using a grill.


1 cup soy sauce
½ cup coconut vinegar
1 stick lemon grass chopped
1 bulb crushed garlic
2 thumb sized ginger
1 tbsp white sugar
3 tbsp lemon/calamansi juice
10 pcs chicken drumsticks

Annatto oil mixture for basting and sauce:
3 cups cooking oil
1 bulb crushed garlic
4 oz margarine
2 tbsp. annatto seeds


1. Mix all the marinade with chicken drumsticks. Marinate for at least 2 hrs in the fridge (recommend overnight marination).
2. Take the marinated chicken out on the fridge and let it sit in room temp for 10 mins. Pre heat oven at 400F. 
3. On a baking pan, spread annatto oil mixture enough to cover the pan then add chicken. Baste the chicken with the annatto oil mixture. 
4. Bake in the oven for 20 mins. 
5. Remove chicken from the oven, flip the chicken to expose the other side then baste again.
6. Bake for another 20 mins or until fully cooked! Internal temp at 185F. 
7. Add chopped spring onion and slice calamansi/lemon for garnish. 

Watch the recipe video here 

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